Voted BEST ARTS EVENT by Richmond Magazine.
Voted BEST ART SHOW IN CENTRAL VA by Virginia Living Magazine.

The first Arts in the Park was held in 1972, the brainchild of early officers of the Carillon Civic Association (CCA): Frank and Kippy Gilbert, Richard and Carole Towell, Richard and Barbara Towell, and Bob and Pat Lovelace (pictured). The goal was to create an activity that would bring neighbors together and to showcase the lovely, newly integrated community. The first show was held inside the Carillon War Memorial, and as it grew larger and more successful over time, it was moved outside to the park grounds. Pat Lovelace served as co-director with Richard Towell for its first few years, and she then took the helm for over four decades—a remarkable labor of love. When Pat retired, Jennifer Jarrett Hulzing became the current Chairman.

Ultimately, the CCA-sponsored art show became a banner event for Richmond and Central Virginia, and it remains so to this day. Each year it is manned by dozens of volunteers from the Carillon neighborhood. Proceeds help support community programs and beautification, the city park system, public library, and school system, as well as grants to numerous non-profit charities and service organizations. A recent project was funding the Carillon playground. You can see more about our non-profit recipients HERE.